ORGANISERS of a music event that rocked the town last month have high hopes that it could become an annual event.

The Music Making a Difference event raised more than £12,500 for traders who lost everything in the fire which ripped through Northwich Outdoor Market in January.

Thousands of people visited venues in and around the town centre on Saturday, February 1 to see a raft of local artists perform.

And because of the huge amount of support it received, it is hoped that something similar could become a regular fixture in Northwich’s calendar.

Speaking at this month’s Northwich Town Council Meeting, organiser Ian Stead said: “There has been a lot of interest in holding another similar event next year.

“A good cause that we could fundraise for and support is restoring The Plaza and bring it back into regular use.

“This is something that I am looking into, as we found something good in the fundraiser that worked so well, and people are keen to see it happen again.

“It is also something that venues want to see happen, as they all saw an improvement in trade and a big increase in footfall.”

Ian went on to say: “If we do hold another event however, we can’t ask the musicians to perform for free again.

“One thing that we found was that people weren’t necessarily coming into town to support the cause - they came out for a good time and to enjoy themselves.

“They’d had a miserable January and wanted a bit of a blow out after Christmas.

“The consensus was that it was a great idea, and if we have more planning time, we can reach a wider audience and bring more people into the town.

“There is a lot of love and passion for The Plaza, and it would help businesses at the top end of town if it was used regularly.”