NORTHWICH town mayor Kevin Rimmer has urged residents to keep safe and be kind to others amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement, the councillor called on residents to follow daily advice issued by the Government to keep them safe from COVID-19.

Mr Rimmer also thanked those working in the healthcare industry for putting their lives at risk for others and warned people against unnecessary panic buying.

“In these very worrying and troubled circumstances, I just wanted to reiterate the importance of complying with our borough council’s guidelines which follow those of the Government’s daily advice and updates,” he said.

“I would appeal for all of us to be good neighbours, especially those who live alone and are vulnerable.

“Kindness and good deeds will get us through this, but it is also primarily important to first and foremost look after ourselves and our immediate family living at home.

“We need to be prepared and understand that this situation that we find ourselves in will last some considerable time, so we must keep up to date with daily information, setting out the guidelines to keep ourselves safe.

“There are lots of voluntary groups setting up within our community to help with day to day practical needs, so please make yourselves known to them, either to obtain their help or, if you are able, to volunteer in some way.”

Cllr Rimmer continued: “I must thank everyone who is dealing with this situation the best way they can, but I especially want to thank all those working in the healthcare industry.

“They are putting themselves at tremendous risk. We should therefore be tolerant at all times.

“This is a time of unprecedented uncertainty for all of us.

“We need to think hard about the consequences of unnecessary panic buying and the drastic effect it is having on others.

“Please be considerate. We are not going to run out of food.

“I wish everyone to keep well, keep safe and to comply fully with any given instructions.

“Be kind to each other, always.”