FOUR pupils at Cransley School have tested negative for coronavirus.

The school announced on Tuesday that it would be temporarily closed for the rest of this week amid fears that pupils returning from an Italy trip had contracted coronavirus.

In total, 29 pupils and five members of staff visited Bormio in Lombardy over the half-term break to go skiing, with a small number returning with mild flu-like symptoms yesterday.

Those who went on the trip were told by the school to self-isolate, inform NHS 111 and be tested for coronavirus, even if displaying no or very mild symptoms.

And while some pupils on the trip have been cleared of having contracted the virus, others are still awaiting results.

An update by Cransley headteacher Richard Pollock reads: “We are aware that four tests for coronavirus amongst our pupils have returned negative. Others are still pending.

“We are also aware that the personnel working in the hotel in Bormio have tested negative."

A deep clean of the school is now underway, and - should this be completed and the remaining students' tests come back negative - the school will reopen on Monday.

Mr Pollock said: "I would like to offer my sincere thanks to you for your patience, understanding and cooperation at this difficult time.

"We were pleased to learn that Bormio is not currently considered to be a high risk area and the guidance from Public Health England, updated on the 25th February, indicates that the risk of our staff and children having acquired the infection is very low.

"With more detailed and precise information from the authorities, the leadership team have been able to determine a set of criteria on which we can base our decision to safely reopen the school.

"They are as follows:

  • All those currently undergoing testing bring back negative results
  • The professional ‘deep-clean’ of the school currently underway is completed
  • There are no further developments in Italy that might cause concern or a change in the current PHE and local Health Protection Team guidance.

"Assuming these criteria are met, it is our intention to reopen the school at the earliest possible opportunity. This will be on the morning of Monday, March 2.

"Should a member of our school community receive a positive COVID-19 test result, we will take the advice of the Cheshire Health Protection Team on how best to minimise further disruption to the wider school, whilst supporting those affected and their close contacts.

"Once again, thank you for your understanding. All staff greatly appreciate the positive messages they have received regarding the continuation of learning activities they have set during the disruption and look forward to reviewing the children’s responses from this week."