A MUCH-LOVED customer was overwhelmed when staff at a Winsford bakery surprised him with cake to celebrate his 90th birthday.

The gentleman, known only as George, has been shopping at Greggs at Winsford Cross Shopping Centre for almost 15 years.

Manager Lesley Sommerville, who bought him the cake and sang 'Happy Birthday' to him yesterday, said: "He nearly cried, he was very close to tears, absolutely over the moon, bless him.

"He's been coming in more or less every day for as long as I can remember. He told us last month that he was going to be 90. He loves a bit of banter and has a great sense of humour.

"I think he shops for other people as he sometimes comes twice a day on his big scooter."

Lesley and her team of 11 staff love to go the extra mile for customers.

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The gesture has touched the hearts of the local community as people have praised the bakery on social media for their thoughtfulness.

Stacy Curzon said: "When the manager at Greggs in Winsford goes that extra mile to make a customer's day for his 90th birthday, well done Lesley and team."

Jo Wood said: "Aww bless this is so nice and thoughtful."

Emily Trench added: "He was totally made up and looked like he was going to cry, bless him."

Helen Chapman said: "Fabulous, I see that man when I am walking my dog on his scooter, would have have said he's 90. Congratulations, happy birthday."

Pat Van Em added: "You're a star Lesley, heart of gold."

Kathty Winchcombe said: "Aww bless he looks like he's lost for words."

Hayley Martin said: "Such a lovely guy. I see him most days."

Joey Gildea said: "Great fella. Loved hearing his stories and tales about his past. 90! Wow!"

Georgina Williams added: "Well done Greggs for the personal touch."

Ryan Matzen said: "Known that man for 20 years. Lovely bloke."

Amanda Dickenson said: "This is so beautiful. Happy birthday George and what a lovely gesture from Greggs."

Angela Jones said: "That is really touching. Well done everyone at Greggs."