WEAVERHAM residents are up in arms after vehicles belonging to a travelling circus ripped up a community field.

Extensive damage has been caused to Lakehouse Field following Big Kid Circus moving heavy lorries onto the site.

The circus, which is set to operate in the village between Friday and Sunday this weekend, has since moved to reassure residents that it will pay for the damage to be restored after it leaves.

On its Facebook page, Big Kid Circus said: “We are aware that on moving onto Lakehouse Field this weekend, it has become very muddy.

“This has unfortunately been unavoidable, due to the recent wet weather.

“Please be reassured that it will be the circus who pays for the grounds restitution after we leave.

“We apologise for any upset it may have caused you.”

But despite agreeing to restore the field, many residents are questioning why the circus was allowed to go ahead following prolonged heavy rainfall.

One villager posted on Twitter: “Why was this allowed to happen on Lakehouse Field in Weaverham?

“Green space now unusable due to saturated ground and heavy vehicles.

“Repairs will be needed and inconvenience to village.”

Northwich Guardian:

Another added: “Approval of a circus with articulated lorries and many caravans has absolutely destroyed the community field.

“Not even sure they’ll get off the field. Why wasn’t this cancelled?”

Weaver Vale MP Mike Amesbury also made clear his surprise that the circus event wasn’t cancelled.

He posted: “Really does look awful and I'm surprised that they did not cancel as elsewhere.”

Speaking about the damage, Cllr John Freeman, chair of Weaverham Parish Council, said: “We regret that this has happened and the damage to the field is a lot worse than anticipated.

“The field is a mess, but the circus has said that it will contribute to repairs that will be carried out.

“We have spoken to our regular contractor and they are confident that the field can be made good again.”