FROM special family milestones to breathtaking landscapes, most of us have the ability to capture memories through our mobile phones.

Last week’s Guardian featured an article about Alison Hamlin Hughes, who has made a business out of the stunning images she has taken with her iPhone.

Since publishing, we have been inundated with shots captured across mid Cheshire and beyond, using the technology our readers have at their fingertips.

Here, we have shared a selection of our favourites – with more available to view in an online gallery on our websites.

As Alison told us last week: “There’s a real simplicity to having a camera in my pocket all of the time rather than carting around a lot of camera kit. It means that I can take my picture and then enjoy being present in the moment.

“Many people miss out on how beautiful things can be. Sometimes because they’re not able to get to these nice places, or they may be too focused on not having time, it’s too early in the morning.

"Or it might just be because they are too busy worrying about the thorns that they don’t see how wonderful the roses are.”

A selection of the photos above will be in this week's Guardian.

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