HARTFORD-based marketing agency Solutions 24-7 has been putting staff health at the forefront to mark Wellbeing Week.

The company, which has over 20 staff, invited health coach Suzy Glaskie from Peppermint Wellness into its office to deliver a series of workshops focusing on health and wellbeing.

Each session explored a different topic followed by expert advice and tips from Suzy, with subjects ranging from diet and nutrition to sleep and stress.

The first workshop explained how diet can have a huge impact on how a person can feel throughout the working day and the negative results that can follow from eating certain types of foods.

“Just by making small tweaks to our food choices, we can radically boost our energy levels, improve our mood, sharpen our brain and protect our long-term health,” Suzy explained.

“It was a pleasure to empower the team at 24-7 to take back control of their health and start to feel more energised both at work – and at home.”

The workshops at Solutions 24-7 form just one element of placing a renewed focus on the health and wellbeing of staff by co-owners Mike Batey and Wendy Batey-Gray.

“These amazing group discussions with Suzy are just the tip of the iceberg with regards to what we’re going to be implementing over the coming months to help our staff lead a healthier workplace life,” added Wendy.

“Our countryside location is perfect for lunchtime walks or games outside, we’re looking at investing in more sports equipment for staff and we’re also looking to make changes in the office to try and promote a healthy diet.

“This will include phasing out unhealthy treats such as crisps and biscuits, as it is very much our opinion that a healthier workforce will lead to even more productivity and creativity from our brilliant team.”