DUST off your dancing shoes – ever-evolving folk-alt-rock band Holy Moly & The Crackers are coming to Moulton.

The Newcastle-based six-piece has sold out venues across the UK in recent years, now playing their third album Take A Bite.

Playing at Moulton Village Hall as part of the latest Malt’n’Music booking, the band is in town on Friday, April 24.

Previous album Salem was released in July 2017 on their own Pink Lane Records label, with lead single Cold Comfort Lane since clocking up more than one million streams on Spotify after being used as the title track for blockbuster movie Oceans 8.

Their trip to Moulton follows successful debuts in Europe – as well as performances on the festival circuit at Glastonbury, Boomtown, and Bestival.

Known for their enthralling performances and pop fusion anthems, 2020 brings Holy Moly & The Crackers back with a new album, enhanced confidence and an army of growing fans.

A support act for the Malt’n’Music event will be announced shortly at maltnmusic.co.uk where £15 tickets are available to purchase.