A SHOCKING total of 51 speeding motorists were recorded by police officers over the weekend.

The speeders were captured on Chester Road by Hartford and Greenbank PCSO Michelle Gillett.

What makes the figures worse is the fact that driving conditions over the weekend were treacherous, with frosty conditions making the road slippery and fog enveloping the town.

The first speed check was carried out on Sunday between 11am and 11.30am, with one motorist recording a speed of 43mph – a huge 13mph over the speed limit.

On that occasion, 33 drivers recorded speeds exceeding the 30mph limit.

A further speed check was performed between 1pm and 1.30pm, during which one motorist was clocked driving at 44mph.

A total of 18 drivers broke the speed limit during this period.

“I am disappointed to record so many motorists exceeded the speed limit on Chester Road,” said PCSO Michelle.

“Please adhere to the speed limit in place to ensure a safer community.”