CAN you help a man in his quest to find a valued family friend?

Ralph Pilkington, who now lives in the Bridgend area of south Wales, is searching for his former work colleague Nora, whose maiden name was Thomason.

She is believed to be living in a care home in Northwich.

“I heard over the Christmas period that a valued former work colleague and family friend was living in a care home in Northwich,” Ralph said.

“I don’t know the name of the care home and have rang around a few without any luck.

“I hope to find out where she is staying so I can send her a card, some flowers and have a catch up.”

It is not believed that Nora, who is in her late 80s to early 90s, has any family still living.

Nora is originally from Stretton, and lived on Hatton Lane behind the Cat and Lion pub for some time.

She spent her entire working life at Pickfords transport company in Warrington, and also taught piano lessons to local kids.

If you know Nora, let us know by emailing