A FORMER Hartford College student is celebrating after her book make it onto Amazon’s bestseller list.

Animal-lover Joanne Jarvis penned Dexter’s Diary in honour of her beautiful and brave dalmatian, who helped her when she was forced to give up her career due to illness.

A former manager for an international company, Joanne suffers from fibromyalgia, myelopathy, spinal problems and is currently recovering from a cerebrospinal fluid leak due to complications of a recent lumbar puncture.

It was only through the help of her four-legged companion Dexter that the 47-year-old was able to get over her diagnosis and come to terms with her future.

And her story of love, devotion, personal revelation and change is written from the heart to form a fitting tribute to her animal soulmate.

“There is something for everyone in the book - it will make you laugh, cry and think,” Joanne said.

Northwich Guardian:

Dexter the dalmatian

“Dexter taught me what being with an animal soulmate really meant – he supported me, guided me, predetermined my destiny and opened wondrous, enchanting doors.

“I don’t know how I would have got through the days without him, as he was by my side helping me and giving me strength, motivation, companionship and unconditional love.

“Readers will learn how Dexter not only changed my life, but subsequently helped countless other people and their animal companions too.”

In the book, Joanne shares the ups and downs along with the emotional and physical highs and lows of their life and adventures together, from happy puppy tales and wonderful times to illness and saying goodbye.

“Dexter’s Diary examines the closeness of our inexplicable bond and inspires readers to consider the possibility that inter-species communication is possible,” she added.

“I hope it brings comfort to know that just like human loved ones, our beloved pets never leave us and will always be in our hearts.

“Although no book could ever make up for the heartache of bereavement and losing a beloved pet, I hope Dexter’s Diary will comfort and console those who have felt such depth of loss.”