A NORTHWICH woman has created a ‘life changing’ Wellness Elixir inspired by her trip to south east Asia.

Tanya Jagger, 35, has suffered with tummy problems for the majority of her adult life, and was eventually diagnosed with IBS - a common condition that affects the digestive system.

She tried every product on the market to ease her symptoms without success, and some products even produced side effects worse than her original symptoms.

This would lead her to skip meals to escape bloated feelings and even took her to the point where she was surviving on one meal a day.

But the answer to finance worker Tanya’s prayers came when travelling through Asia in 2012, where she met a lady selling herbal remedies.

And she has spent the past eight years perfecting her natural remedy, ’Wellness Elixir’, as part of her new brand, Tummy Nurse.

Northwich Guardian:

Tanya during her travels in south east Asia

“I got chatting with the lady and I explained the problems I faced with my tummy, so she put some herbs and spices together and made me a magic potion to drink,” said Tanya.

“The drink was amazing, as it got rid of my horribly bloated tummy and eased all of my symptoms.

“As I continued on my travels, I became overwhelmed by how many people use mother nature's ingredients to cure all kinds of things, especially where modern medicine wasn’t available.”

After returning from her trip, Tanya started extensive research of the digestive system and the negative impact that modern medicines can have on our bodies.

And she says that learning how natural alternatives can heal the body has now become a big passion of hers, inspiring her to create her Wellness Elixir.

Tummy Nurse is the first herbal drink on the market specifically designed to help people that suffer with IBS, Chron’s, acid reflux and bloating.

Northwich Guardian:

Tanya with TOWIE's Jon and Chris Clark

“It also doesn’t have to only be taken by people that suffer with these conditions,” Tanya added.

“It’s packed with loads of friendly bacteria and goodness, so it’s beneficial to anyone that wants to take it.

“I have given it to friends, family and work colleagues, and everyone I have given it to have all come back to me with amazing feedback.”

Celebrity fans of the drink include TOWIE’s Jon and Chris Clark, who say that it leaves them feeling refreshed and full of energy.

Tanya is currently working on two further products - a detox and weight-loss drink - which she hopes to bring to the market early next year.

Tummy Nurse products are available via tummynurse.co.uk, on Amazon or from @tummy.nurse on Instagram.