EDDISBURY’S new MP says the Conservative government will be ‘straining every sinew’ to deliver on the promises it made in the election campaign.

Edward Timpson was elected to represent the constituency with 30,095 votes, giving him a majority of 18,443 over his nearest rival Terry Savage of the Labour Party, who picked up 11,652 votes.

The former Crewe and Nantwich MP now says there is an opportunity for issues such as improving infrastructure and increasing public spending to ‘be really grappled with by a strong government’.

He told the Guardian: “It’s not just about Brexit – although clearly it has played a large part in people wanting an end to the dither and the delay that has gone on for far too long – but also what lies beyond it.

“People can see a Conservative government have a very clear plan to deliver.

“They have rejected the Labour stance on more tax, more spend, and they have also rejected Jeremy Corbyn – who came up again and again on the doorstep as why they just did not think they could lend their vote to the Labour Party.

“They want to see a government that is on their side, and that is what I believe a Conservative government can do – both here locally and nationally too.”

Eddisbury itself has been in the spotlight throughout 2019 on the issue of Brexit division.

The seat was Conservative from 1983 until September, when former MP Antoinette Sandbach had the whip removed by the party for trying to block a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

Mr Timpson hopes that both he and the new government can begin to bring people together across the country.

He said: “My style of politics has always been to try and bring people together, to find a consensus, to understand actually we are stronger of we work alongside one another – recognising that we will have differences along the way.

“I think issues such as social care provide us with a benchmark of whether that can be achieved in the future.

“So I want to help heal the country, I don’t want to help set more divisions in place.

“I think there is now an opportunity – with this strong mandate for a Conservative government – to deliver on many of those things that have held the country back and prevented us from bringing people together in the way that we know we can to make us a better country.”

With the election campaign now over, the focus will shift on whether the Conservatives will actually deliver on their key promises – something Mr Timpson vows will happen.

He added: “Every Conservative candidate and now MP has pledged to support the deal that Boris Johnson negotiated against expectations with the European Union.

“We can deliver that by January 31, we will deliver it by then, the withdrawal agreement is in place, we have what now seems to be a strong majority in order to get it over the line.

“I know we will be straining every sinew to make sure that we do what we told and asked the British people to allow us to do – which is move on and make sure we can concentrate on the many other important things in people’s lives.”