THE Green Party and UKIP were left disappointed their messages had not cut through to Eddisbury residents as they finished fourth and fifth respectively.

Louise Jewkes – who picked up 1,191 votes for the Green Party, 82 more than it received in 2017 – was particularly frustrated that the issue of climate change was being overlooked by Brexit.

She told the Guardian: “I was hoping that maybe we would have got some more votes and that the climate would have been more on people’s minds.

“It seems to have been a lot to do with Brexit and ‘getting Brexit done’, which is quite disappointing.

“I’ve had loads and loads of positivity and really nice comments [on the doorstep]. We have been really fortunate.

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“I’m just really disappointed that the climate is going to be forgotten and all the focus is just going to be all about Brexit when we have got a climate emergency where the attention really needs to be.”

Meanwhile, UKIP’s Andrea Allen picked up 451 votes – the lowest number the party has ever won in Eddisbury elections it has campaigned in.

She felt her party’s bid for the seat was damaged by the strength of the Conservative Party vote – with Edward Timpson picking up 30,095 votes on a promise to deliver Brexit.

“I do get the feeling that people are reluctant to move away from old loyalties,” Ms Allen added.

Labour’s Terry Savage finished second in Eddisbury with 11,652 votes, while former MP Antoinette Sandbach came third for the Liberal Democrats with 9,582 votes.