ESTHER McVey has been re-elected as the Conservative MP for Tatton with 57.7 per cent of the vote.

Ms McVey increased her majority by 2,600 over Labour to win by a margin of 17,387 votes, while the Tories won their biggest majority in Parliament since 1987.

Her share of the vote fell by 0.8 per cent, although the Labour share fell by 6.2 per cent, with the Lib Dem share up by 6.7 per cent, and the poll producing a 2.2 increase in the Green's share.

Ms McVey told the Guardian said: "It's been a difficult election, working really hard, it's been the winter months, and I know a lot of the public didn't want another election.

"I'm just absolutely thrilled to bits that the people of Tatton have put faith in me again to represent them, which I hope they know I will do to the very best of my abilities."

She said she campaigned on getting more money into education, access at Handforth Railway Station, getting a review of HS2, while adding "but of course we can't forget it was also an election on Brexit".

She added: "Parliament had come to a standstill, and knocking on doors and speaking to people they knew we had to get past this impasse - we had to deliver the biggest ever democratic vote of our time and then we move on to domestic issues.

"What we always have to remember is - yes, 52 per cent voted for Brexit, but we do know we have to remember the 48 per cent who didn't, and we have to make sure that it is the best deal for the UK.

"I have been in the Cabinet as a Secretary of State before, and I always come back home here. I live here, my other half lives with me and my dad lives with me, so I come back here all the time.

"I understand my foundations are Tatton, that's what allows me to be an MP. So you always have to remember that. - that first and foremost you are the MP for the area.

"I'm housing minister now and attend Cabinet now, but I'm always back here for my surgeries to meet with people, to hear what's going on, on the ground, and work with people.

"My team has been fantastic - it's absolutely everything, organising, helping, knocking on doors, stuffing envelopes.

"But more than anything once you've got a really happy, vibrant team and people wanting to join your team you know you're doing the right thing.

"They are all amazing, it's a real spread of people and they've just done so much."


Esther McVey (Conservative) 28,277

James Weinberg (Labour) 10,890

Jonathan Smith (Liberal Democrat) 7,712

Nigel Hennerley (Green) 2,088