WEAVER Vale Housing Trust has ruined Christmas for one Moulton family by telling them to remove homemade decorations from their front door.

Kelly Davies, 36, was stunned when she returned home to find a notice pinned to her door stating that her Christmas wreath needed to be removed.

The trust says that the festive decoration, which was made by her two-year-old son Alfie, is a fire hazard and that arrangements are being made to dispose or sell it.

But Kelly has branded its decision as ‘utter madness’ and it even had her in tears as it is preventing both her and her son from ‘enjoying the simple things in life’.

“I made this lovely decoration with my two-year-old son, who is so excited to see it every time we go in and out of the flat,” she said.

“I have now come home to this ridiculous notice on my door, as has my neighbour who lives opposite me.

“What on earth can a decoration do to cause any problems?"

Northwich Guardian:

The same notice was given to a neighbour

Kelly went on to say: “Weaver Vale Housing Trust says the decoration is a violation of fire safety policies because it is in a communal area, but I do not see how my front door is a communal area.

“It is all just utter madness. How very festive of them.

“They had me in tears over me simply trying to enjoy the simple things in life with my little boy, and he was upset as the decoration makes him happy every time he sees it.

“Thanks for the Christmas cheer Weaver Vale.”

In response, Dave Yoxall, head of property services at Weaver Vale Housing Trust, said: “Fire safety and compliance is our uppermost priority.

“In shared communal areas such as this, our policy does state that no items should be placed on doors and walls due to the potential of fire spreading.

“We are sorry on this occasion that our staff were not able to speak to the customer directly to explain this policy.

“We apologise for any upset this has caused during this festive period.”