A CORONER who led an inquest into the death of a Northwich teenager who took his own life heard how he was ‘the most pleasant and polite person you could ever meet’.

Amit Bhattacharjee, aged 17 and of London Road in Leftwich, was found below Weaver Railway Viaduct arches near Vickersway Park on Tuesday, March 19.

The following month, almost £1,700 was raised for young suicide prevention charity Papyrus through a charity dinner held in his memory by former workplace Bombay Quay, an Indian restaurant on Hayhurst Quay.

The inquest at Crewe Coroners’ Court heard how the former Sir John Deane's Sixth Form student left the family home to move to Northwich in October last year.

His mum Susmita told the court of how Amit realised that he was different to other children at school and she was concerned about him being bullied.

After spending time at different schools, he went to Tower College in Rainhill, and there, his mum said that he seemed ‘quite happy’, made a lot of friends and was obtaining good results.

Despite this, she stated that he would never talk to her and would not tell her if he was struggling with anything.

She noticed that he was losing weight and not eating properly, but after raising her concerns with a GP, she was told that he was just ‘being a teenager’.

Amit made the decision to move out of the family home in October last year to live in a bedsit on London Road, against the wishes of his parents.

When asked why, he responded ‘do you want me to kill myself?’, after which his parents let him leave.

The court also heard how Amit had attempted to end his own life a year previous by overdose but was found in time by his parents.

Tributes were paid to Amit during the inquest by a friend, Sammie Rogers, who lived alongside him on London Road.

“He was the most pleasant and polite person you could ever meet and he would light up your day with his positive manor and kind words,” she said.

“He was just a lovely person to be around and had ambitions to become a barrister, to make a real difference in the world.”

A resident living close to Vickersway Park contacted police after spotting Amit’s body on the morning of March 19, who then informed detective inspector Sellars of British Transport Police.

On arrival at the scene, he found that a bike had been used to climb a ‘vulnerable’ fence and gain access to the top of the viaduct.

A rucksack had been placed near the edge containing an empty wine bottle, a pair of scissors and some red tape.

A search of Amit’s body found his name written on a piece of paper inside an empty cigarette packet and a key to the lock of the nearby bike.

Bank records also showed the purchase of the same rope which had contributed to his death.

A report compiled by a psychologist revealed how Amit had been referred to 16-19 mental health services in 2018 after overdosing and that he had undergone a full assessment.

Despite further appointments being scheduled, he said that he did not want any more help and refused to attend.

Peter Sigee, assistant coroner for Cheshire, concluded that Amit died as a result of suicide.

If you need to talk to someone then call Samaritans for free from any phone on 116123.

Alternatively Papyrus, dedicated to helping people under 35 at risk of suicide, via its HopelineUK service.

Visit papyrus-uk.org/hopelineuk/ or call 0800 068 4141, text 07786209697 or email pat@papyrus-uk.org