NORTHWICH residents have questioned the need for more retail units when many in the town still remain empty.

This follows plans being submitted by Aldi to built two new units on the site of its former home on Leicester Street.

The supermarket chain moved into its current building only metres away on the same site in February 2017.

Planning documents state that the development will ‘future proof’ the 3-acre site and create a better use for the now disused unit by demolishing it.

But locals have been quick to dismiss this by asking if more retail space is needed considering large swathes of the town centre and Barons Quay still remain vacant.

Following the Guardian’s story revealing that plans had been submitted, one comment said: “Please no more retail units until we have filled the ones we have got.”

Another added: “CWAC would be crazy to grant permission until Barons Quay is full.”

Other comments suggested changing the purpose of the site, including transforming it for recreational uses.

One resident said: “Why not create something for the community? A youth centre, possibly.

“How about a technical education college to train and re-skill local people to get jobs in the new green economy that politicians are talking so much about?”

Despite the apparent opposition, some residents welcomed the plans by stating that it would revitalise the area and could attract big-name brands to the town.

“At last, better accessible larger retail units with their own parking,” commented one Guardian reader.

“Maybe two larger stores like Wilko, TK Maxx or similar homeware stores could move in which Northwich is lacking.”

Another said: “Well it is better than just having a derelict unit, but I question the wisdom of more retail units in a town full of empty ones old and new.”

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