A TOWN centre restaurant has written a passionate letter to the people of Northwich asking them to support local small businesses.

Writing with ‘a heart filled with sadness and disappointment’, the open letter by Kanya Bar and Bistro also disputes claims that town centre footfall is on the up.

And the owners are calling for greater cooperation between town councillors and small business owners to unlock the potential of Northwich and attract new visitors.

Posted on social media, the letter reads: “We read and hear of claims from some people that footfall in Northwich has significantly increased lately. Has it really?

“It is a myth that footfall has increased. On the contrary, it has decreased significantly to the point that trading in Northwich for small businesses such as ours is becoming more challenging every day.

“You will have noticed that several shops, restaurants and bars in Northwich have now ceased trading due to many factors.

“Our business has also suffered and sales are down on previous years, therefore we sincerely appeal to our Northwich community to shop local and support small businesses.”

Kanya owners go on to say that more emphasis is being put on the ‘more noticeable’ Barons Quay rather than the bottom end of High Street, which receives ‘considerably less attention’.

“Weaver Square has been a desolate and depressing area for many months,” the letter continues.

“Is it just a pipe dream that the current demolition marks the advent of an exciting development that will divert the public interest to the bottom end of town?

“Northwich has so much to offer, bit I feel that its potential as a thriving town has not been fully realised.

“Consultations between the town councillors and business owners could see a regeneration of our town which would attract people to this part of Cheshire.

“The people of Northwich deserve a vision of a town where businesses are thriving and there is a positive atmosphere.”