NORTHWICH residents have praised plans to relocate two statues of Sir John Brunner and Ludwig Mond to the town centre.

Proposals were submitted earlier this month by Tata Chemicals Europe to move the statues from their current location at Winnington Works.

Both Brunner and Mond are seen as defining figures of modern Northwich after they first produced soda ash in the town in 1874.

And this could be recognised if plans are approved to place them on a vacant piece of land near Parr’s Bank, where they are more likely to be seen and enjoyed.

Since the Guardian published the story, many residents have been sharing their approval of the idea and listed a number of other possible locations where the statues could call home.

One comment on the article said: “Excellent idea to bring some character into the town, unlike the horrendous BQ development. I do hope the foundations will be waterproof and raised.”

Northwich Guardian:

Statues of Mond and Brunner in their current location

Another read: “It will give what is currently a pretty pointless park more of a sense of place and purpose and increase knowledge of why Northwich (and Winnington) is the large town it became.

“Hopefully they will add a historical plaque explaining it is not Dr Who and Abraham Lincoln.”

On Facebook, other residents also praised the relocation of the statues, but suggested some more prominent locations to display them.

Mel Benyon said: “Because of the history relating to our salt town, I would love to see the statues brought into the middle of the town and definitely one in the Bull Ring.”

Joan Vernon stated that they should be kept together rather than being split up, adding: “I would like to see them either in the bullring, BQ in the big space where the steps are or outside the library.”

Where do you think the statues should be moved to, or would you rather them stay where they are at Winnington Works?

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