IT’S usually pre-game nerves that grip football fans on match day.

But after his team’s victory over Scarborough on Saturday, November 23, film maker and Witton Albion supporter James Kennedy really started feeling the pressure as he got ready to showcase the pilot of his new mockumentary.

Set against the backdrop of a factory town, The Albion is an affectionate celebration of a non-league football club in the north of England, inspired by the team, fans and community at Wincham Park and based at the club’s ground.

Penned by James and fellow former County High School Leftwich pupil Adam Jump, it follows the fortunes of the titular team after a disastrous campaign that resulted in relegation.

Northwich Guardian:

It was with a little trepidation that the duo screened the test episode which stars Martin Trenaman, from The Inbetweeners and Phone Shop, as manager Terry Timpson who is attempting to lift the club back to where they belong.

James said: “It was really nerve wracking. It was inspired by the community at the club, so we knew they’d recognise themselves in some of the characters. Obviously, as it’s a comedy they are exaggerated and the last thing we wanted to do was upset anyone, because it’s meant with affection.

“It went down really well. There was a lot of laughter, which is exactly what you want when you’ve made a comedy.”

The pilot, which was made possible thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, has since been signed up for an option agreement meaning it will be pitched to a host of broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4, Sky and Dave with a view to being made into a full series.

Northwich Guardian:

Photo: Jack Makin

James said: “It’s a waiting game now to see who might want to pick it up. We think it’s an easy sell, but you never know. We’ve have got a whole series mapped out in case it does get picked up.”

One thing James is clear on if a series is given the green is that he would like to continue shooting at the Chapel Street club.

He said: “The club has been absolutely amazing with us and they’ve really supported us.

“The thing is, there’s a real, honest story to tell here – the club is the heart of a really special community. What would happen if this place didn’t exist? Where would the people who’ve created this family go? It’s certainly a story that comes from the heart.”

You can get a sneak peek of some of the pilot scenes at