CANCER survivor Mel Levy is asking people to sign her petition to raise awareness of a rare condition she was diagnosed with a year ago.

Mel, 40, was born in Knutsford and lives in Lostock Gralam. She was diagnosed in November with a rare genetic condition called Cowden Syndrome, which affects just one in 200,000 people.

It is characterised by an increased lifetime risk of breast, thyroid, uterine and other cancers, and Mel is in remission after treatment for breast and thyroid cancer, which were diagnosed respectively in 2014 and this year.

Mel has launched a petition on the website in a bid to raise awareness of the condition and to get it recognised.

She said: “People with a rare genetic condition called Cowden Syndrome have been forgotten.

“They have a massive cancer burden including breast, thyroid, womb, kidney and melanoma.

“There is a drug called Rapamycin that can potentially help, but nobody is willing to prescribe it or create large-scale trials to see if its promise really is effective in reducing the cancer burden.

“The NHS website does not even mention this condition. I would like to see this condition recognised on the NHS website and a trial started to look into this promising drug for people with Cowden Syndrome.

“My petition has been signed by 322 people, but my goal is to reach 500 signatures and to continue to raise awareness.”

Mel performs in care homes with Musical Moments, which offers live music, safe exercise, sensory activities, reminiscence and relaxation.

She added: “Life is really short, and I am an upbeat person and do what makes me happy.”

To sign Mel’s petition, Trials of Rapamycin for Cowden Syndrome, visit

Mel can be contacted by emailing