WHEN it comes to firsts, why not make the premier release you launch on your own record label the debut album of a band you love?

That’s the motivation for Northwich music fan Jason Davies whose Rare Vitamin Records label is about to launch its first CD and cassette release in the shape of the eponymous debut by Northwich punk four-piece, Kicked in the Teeth.

The 46-year-old, from Manchester Road, has produced a limited run of physical copies of the band’s album, which will be officially launched at The Electric Church in Winsford next month.

Northwich Guardian:

The Kicked in the Teeth album cover

“I’ve never really done anything quite on this scale before,” said Jason. “I used to DJ a long time ago, and I’ve made and distributed mix CDs and that sort of thing, but this is the first time I’ve put out an album for a band.”

The album, which was recorded at Foxhound Studios in Byley by Mike Bennett, is already available on streaming services such as Spoiify and iTunes, but the physical copy is being launched on December 1.

Jason added: “I’ve been a fan of the band for a while. I’ve seen them quite a few times and really loved what they did so when I heard they were recording an album I offered to release it for them. I wanted to make something that they could sell to fans at their gigs.

“Digital music is amazing, but I think a lot of music fans would agree there is something really satisfying of having a physical artefact.”

Kicked in The Teeth hail from Northwich and began gigging in May 2019 before going on to record their debut album in August this year.

Northwich Guardian:

The band share a drink with Jason after signing to Rare Vitamin Records

Having known each other for more than 20 years, the individual members have all been involved in other bands.

Chris Mundie, who many local live music fans will know as the driving force behind Northwich venue The Salty Dog, was the drummer for The Business, while Jay was in Incisions on drums, Joe was the lead singer and guitarist for Helsinki Seven and Mike played in pretty much every metal band in Cheshire, along with playing bass for infamous Chester hardcore band Face of Christ.

Chris explained: “To try and keep things as live sounding as possible, we recorded the music live and used room mics to try and capture an honest depiction of the band, only some guitars and vocals were overdubbed separately.

“The total recording time clocked in at under 24 hours and the 10 track album clocks in at just over 22 minutes.”

He added: “It’s great that Jason wanted to put the album out for us – he’s a really great bloke. He’s been supporting us since we got started, coming to our gigs. We’d just released our album, he was looking for a the right band for his first album release, the stars aligned and here we are!

Northwich Guardian:

Jason Davies with the contract for Kicked in the Teeth

“On Tuesday November 5, under a sky of fireworks, Rare Vitamin Records and Kicked in The Teeth sat in The Salty Dog and signed on the dotted line, a binding contract written on vellum and inked in blood (well sharpie) forging a partnership that will send Northwich back into the musical stratosphere.”

The album launch party takes place at The Electric Church record shop in Winsford next month and is being supported by Signature Brew which will be proving beer on the day.

Chris explained: “They’re a really interesting brewery and they work closely with the music industry. Since they started they have established themselves as one of the best new craft breweries in the country and have worked with loads of awesome bands on collaboration beers, including, Frank Turner, The Prodigy, Professor Green, Rodney P, Lightyear, Slow Readers Club and loads of others.”

Northwich Guardian:

Jimi Coppack, who runs Electric Church, said: “It’s good to see local bands and music fans working together like this and we’re really happy to support this album launch.

“What they’re doing at The Salty Dog is brilliant, especially at a time when so many live music venues are closing. This is a true example of the local independent music community all working together.”

Described by music review website Louder Than War as ‘a fun loud album to wake you up and give your brain a jolt’, Kicked in the Teeth will be launched at The Electric Church, in Over Square on Sunday, December 1.

The lunch party takes place between 2pm and 4pm with the band playing at 3pm. Admission is free.

For more information, search Facebook for Rare Vitamin Records or Kicked in the Teeth.