A FAMILY from Weaverham will run a Christmas stall to buy special gasses for a 10-year-old diagnosed with a rare syndrome.

Laura Dawson has Irlen Syndrome - a condition that affects how her brain processes the things that she sees.

Although there is no cure to the syndrome, its effects can be successfully managed with special coloured lenses, however these are not available on the NHS.

Now Laura’s family has set out to raise £400 in order to buy her the glasses in the hope that it can help her to live a normal life.

“The condition affects everyone differently, and for Laura, it makes words move around on the page when reading and makes her very sensitive to natural light, meaning she cannot stay outside for long,” said her mother Kat.

“It is something that she has to manage for the rest of her life, but because Irlen Syndrome is not recognised by the NHS, we are struggling to afford her special glasses.

“We have just been for Laura’s first assessment, which cost £95 alone, and she is due for another assessment in March where she can get her glasses, but that will cost £400.

“This is not something we can currently afford, or something we can afford to do year after year when the lenses need replacing.”

In order to raise funds for Laura, her family will be running a stall at Weaverham Academy’s Christmas Fair from 3pm on Wednesday, December 11.

From here, they will be selling cakes, offering glitter face painting and holding a raffle, where local residents can win exciting prizes including a break for six people in a luxury caravan with a hot tub.

The family has also started a petition for the NHS to recognise Irlen Syndrome and offer help to the people who suffer from it across the county, which can be signed at change.org/p/nhs-irlen-syndrome-made-free-on-nhs.