MIKE Amesbury is relishing the chance to speak with ‘enthusiastic and optimistic’ residents ahead of next month’s general election.

Mike was joined by supporters and campaigners to officially launched his campaign for re-election in Weaver Vale when residents head to the polls on Thursday, December 12.

Amesbury took the seat from Conservative Graham Evans in 2017, and has since campaigned on issues including leaseholding, fracking and pensions justice for 50s women.

And he said that he cannot wait to hit the streets and see what issues his constituents would like to see addressed from the Labour party if elected to form a government.

“There is a huge sense of enthusiasm and optimism on the ground and we cannot wait to get out there knocking on doors and speaking to people about what they want to see from a Labour government,” said Amesbury.

“People have had enough of austerity, which was a wholly unnecessary political choice.

“What they want to see is investment in our schools, our hospitals, frontline policing and our care system – which is on the verge of collapse in many areas.

“Labour will deliver on all of these issues.”

He added: “People also want a real choice on the Brexit debate.

“Boris Johnson wants to ram his deal through - a deal which is inferior to Theresa May’s deal - which he himself poured scorn on.

“Instead, let’s give the people of Weaver Vale and beyond the final say – a credible leave deal that protects jobs, livings standards, the environment and consumer rights or remain.”