THE Labour Party has chosen its candidate to battle for the Eddisbury seat in next month's General Election.

Terry Savage, who has lived in Winsford for almost 30 years, will be running in the December 12 poll.

He will be aiming to unseat Antoinette Sandbach, Eddisbury's former Conservative MP who defected to the Liberal Democrats last week.

A spokesman for Eddisbury Labour Party said: "Terry is passionate about equality and a champion of people who have been left behind by government choices.

"Eddisbury is a diverse constituency but poverty is experienced whether you live in an urban or rural area.

"Government choices have led to you being unable to get a hospital appointment, waiting weeks to see a doctor or dentist, having to take your children and grandchildren to schools miles away from where you live and driven those in work to food banks. Wages have stagnated and the cost of living has increased.

"Under a Labour government and with Terry Savage MP representing us, Eddisbury would benefit from an industrial strategy which doesn’t cost the earth and instead includes a Green New Deal.

"Terry is committed to giving Eddisbury residents the final say on a deliverable Brexit or remaining in the EU. In or out of the EU won’t resolve the problems facing people who are suffering following ten years of austerity.

"Many politicians don’t understand the impact of their policies and actions as they live in the political bubble.

"Terry isn’t a career politician, he’s a genuine man of the people committed to the community he lives in and which he wishes to represent. He is a lifelong trade unionist and has worked for the NHS speaking out against relentless restructuring, privatisation and cuts to local services."

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