A NERVY dog has written a thank you letter to a gas company for being considerate when completing roadworks.

Chester the Bearded Collie is not a fan of loud noises, which posed a problem for him when engineers were called to the area outside of his Northwich home to upgrade gas mains.

When Cadent arrived with big machinery to dig deep into the road, his owners Pauline and Ron Adams were worried what impact the noise would have on him.

But whenever they left home with Chester for a walk, workers would stop work temporarily and only resume once he had gone by.

And to thank them, the clever collie put pen to paper to write a letter to the team for their consideration of his nervy nature.

Northwich Guardian:

Chester with Pauline, Ron and Sean from Cadent

The letter written by Chester, with the help of Pauline and Ron, reads: “Hi, Chester the Bearded Collie here.

“On behalf of my humans I would like to say thank you to all the workmen.

“I was very frightened of the big noisy machines and the men working on them could see that my dad had trouble getting me to walk passed, so they stopped the noise for a little while and I was happy to walk passed.

“I don’t like being out in the rain and I felt sorry for them because some days it was really throwing it down and I watched them from the living room window.”

Northwich Guardian:

Chester's letter

Chester continued: “All the workmen from beginning to end were all so pleasant and polite … it was a horrible job to do in such appalling weather … but they all just carried on.

“Thank them all for being so efficient and pleasant. Chester Adams aged 10 ½.”

After reading the letter, site supervisor Sean Somerville said: “This is big but necessary work we are doing to upgrade some very old gas mains and we appreciate all the patience and support we are being shown as we get it done.

“I’ve passed this feedback onto the team – Shane Mulhern, Danny Gallagher, Raymond Higgins and Myles Livesey.

“Their small gesture has clearly had a big impact and we try very hard to keep our customers happy, whether human or canine.”