GADBROOK Park was a hive of activity on Friday when Prevent Breast Cancer’s bright pink ‘BooBee’ bus arrived to drive up breast cancer awareness.

Visitors found out more about breast health when they hopped on board the double decker bus and met the charity’s BooBees – a team of volunteers who have been personally affected by breast cancer.

The bus was parked at Arabica Café as part of Prevent Breast Cancer’s BreastFest campaign. The campaign, which has been running throughout October to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, aims to educate women in the region all about breast cancer risks and how they can protect themselves from the disease.

Lindsay Occleston of Gadbrook Park-based Roberts Bakery, is a breast cancer survivor herself.

She said: “One in nine women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, so we need to do everything we can to help everyone understand more about this awful disease. Despite its prevalence, there is still a lack of awareness about the symptoms of breast cancer and how women can reduce their risk of developing it.

“We want to make Northwich a really breast cancer-aware place and to educate females about it.

“The BooBee bus was an absolutely brilliant way to engage with women and to equip them with the vital knowledge they need to become more breast aware.

“This is just one of the ways that Roberts Bakery has got behind this terrific campaign and we can’t wait to show Northwich a big reveal at the end of this month to mark its finalé. This is one that’s set to be the talk of the town.”

The BooBee bus has been visiting key landmarks and workplaces up and down the region to raise awareness levels.