THREE primary schools in the area have confirmed their conversions into academies, with others expected to follow suit.

Sandiway, Little Leigh and Cuddington primary schools have now all joined the Create Learning Trust after informing the secretary of state for education.

The trust will oversee a network of new academies which can share best practices, create common policies and lend staff to each other when needed.

And the trust is set to have two new members with Comberbach and Hartford primary schools expected to follow suit.

In a leaflet sent to parents at the schools who have converted or are considering academy conversion, the Creative Learning Trust set out the decision behind its formation.

“We believe that we are all strong schools who already work with one another and have strengths that are complementary,” it said.

“We felt that, in an environment where so many schools are becoming academies, it would be wrong not to explore how best to control our own destinies.

“If there is the possibility of creating a trust that truly reflects our schools and our communities and also enables us to better harness the strength that comes from working in partnership, then our governing bodies feel that we should proceed with this as an option.”

This view is supported by both Sandiway and Cuddington primary schools, who in newsletters to parents stated how they are looking forward to seeing the benefits of the transition.

Chris Priddey, headteacher of Sandiway Primary School, said: “Each of the schools are committed to working together to improve outcomes for all our children.

“I am excited to be working with a team of dedicated staff in our school and in other schools in the trust to ensure that each school continues to grow in the quality of education that it offers.”

Cuddington Primary School headteacher Sue Mills added: “Although it has been a lengthy process, we are secure in our collaborative approach to the quality of education for all our children.”

Both Hartford and Comberbach primary schools are expected to follow suit by converting into academies and join the Creative Learning Trust.

This is still in the works however and no date for the transition has been set.