A COUPLE branded 'no more than schoolyard bullies' have been spared jail after assaulting pub staff in Cuddington.

William Finney, 47, and Aimie Gee, 36, were arrested at the White Barn on Saturday, May 11 after an altercation in the Forest Road pub.

Appearing at Chester Magistrates Court today, Thursday, they were each given suspended prison sentences – meaning they walked free from court.

Finney, of Forest Road, Cuddington was handed a five-week prison sentence, suspended for 24 months, while Gee, of the same address, was given 10 weeks, suspended for 24 months.

Finney had earlier pleaded guilty to criminal damage, harassment and use of threatening and abusive language, while Gee admitted charges of assault and use of threatening and abusive language.

The case began in April when Finney posted a number of homophobic messages on social media which related to a member of staff at the White Barn.

He was subsequently banned from the pub and told not to return.

However, despite the ban, Finney and his partner Gee returned to the pub at around 10pm on Saturday, May 11.

On entering the premises Finney became involved in a verbal altercation with an off duty member of staff.

He shouted at the man and told him that he could do what he wanted.

Finney then pushed the man in the chest, causing him to fall backwards.

At that point Finney’s girlfriend Gee punched the victim in the face and threw a bottle and two glasses at him.

A customer was picked up by Finney and thrown to the floor after he had attempted to intervene.

Finney then clenched his fists and warned other customers in the pub that he would ‘do them all’.

Meanwhile, Gee walked over to the bar and punched another man in the face.

Finney used his arms to swipe across a table, smashing around 20 glasses and causing a woman to suffer a cut to one of her hands.

Police officers arrived at the scene moments and the pair were both arrested.

In addition, Finney also pleaded guilty to harassment in relation to homophobic hate messages which he posted online relating to a member of staff who worked at the White Barn.

PC Claire Murgatroyd, of Northwich Local Policing Unit, said: “Finney and Gee are no more than school yard bullies. They thought they were better than everyone else and could do whatever they wanted.

“They went to the White Barn with the intent of causing trouble and intimidating innocent members of the public.

“They were both fully aware that they were not welcome at the pub. Yet despite this they still went in, knowing the trouble that it would cause.

“However, despite what they may have thought, their convictions demonstrate that no-one is above the law.

“I would like to take this as an opportunity to thank the victims in this case for the evidence they provided, which has helped to secure the convictions against Finney and Gee.”