NORTHWICH'S MP has raised the needs of Victoria Infirmary and Weaverham High School as he blasted 'a sham of a Queen's Speech'.

Mike Amesbury, who represents Weaver Vale, labelled the Queen's Speech as that of a 'stuffed parrot' government.

Speaking in the House of Commons, he said the speech had been an opportunity for Boris Johnson to put forward bold plans for Britain, but had failed to do so.

He said: "It has been a cynical exercise, using our constitution to peddle hollow soundbites and recycled Bills that will be exposed as froth in the thick of a general election.

"This stuffed parrot Government with a minus 45 majority have made a hollow wish-list to create a miracle and bring the dead parrot Prime Minister to life.

"It will not do that – it will never be delivered."

Mike also highlighted cuts to police, healthcare and education, singling out Weaverham High School and Victoria Infirmary Northwich.

He said: “Beyond the hollow spin of this Government in name only, the reality for this great comprehensive school is £2 million worth of cuts by 2020 – shameful.

“This is not an agenda of education, education, education, but cut, cut and cut again.

“Halton General Hospital is on its knees, and this Government have twice turned down capital funding for its dilapidated building while trying to privatise the urgent care centre.

"Moving over to Northwich, the Victoria Infirmary is equally in need of capital investment.

"However, neither hospital will be the beneficiary of the minimal national programme of six promised rebuilds—not a jot, not a penny from this sham of a Queen’s Speech.”