HERE are some of the headlines from the Guardian 100, 50, and 25 years ago.

100 years ago

AFTER an 80-year ‘innings’, Northwich Cricket Club was faced with the dilemma of whether or not to buy its own ground.

The club was quoted £1,200 to purchase the ground, with £270 pledged within days.

A BEGGAR was imprisoned for seven days for asking for change in Hartford.

The man was arrested in Chester Road and, when asked by the court to explain himself, said: “Is poverty a crime?”

He went on to claim he was turned out of his own home by a convict who accused him of murder.

He was told his rambling tale would ‘be inquired into while you are doing your seven days.”

A HANDSOME new organ was installed at St John’s Church, Over, in memory of those who gave their lives during the war.

The £700 instrument was dedicated to the memory of 36 men who never returned home to the parish.

50 years ago

THERE were calls to replace the Winnington Swing Bridge, built in 1906 and deemed ‘inadequate for years.’

A new weight limit was imposed on the bridge over the River Weaver after a defect was identified.

A ‘STARING match’ in a Middlewich pub led to one man hitting another with a pint glass.

A 21-year-old from Winsford was fined for his actions, which saw him walk over to the victim to ask why he was staring. He said he had acted in self defence.

25 years ago

SUBSIDENCE was causing headaches in Barnton Cemetery, headstones came loose and began to lean.

There were fears that repairs could run into thousands of pounds, with one burial committee member saying ‘this is a problem which will not go away, it will just get worse’.

PLANS were announced to restore the Anderton Boat Lift to its former glory, 11 years after it closed.

The lift would ‘put Northwich on the tourist map’.