A MIND coach who has worked with a number of TV stars has opened up a new clinic in the town centre.

Vinny Shoreman, who is originally from Knutsford, decided to move his business to Northwich after recently returning from a tour of the USA working with UFC fighters.

Among his other previous clients are American comedians, soap actors and reality TV stars

And after opening his new clinic on Witton Street, the 50-year-old is excited to start helping people get over what he calls the ‘scourges’ of life.

“Cheshire is close to my heart, as it is where I am from and grew up, so I wanted to offer my services to the great people who live here,” said Vinny.

“I am a mind coach by trade, which involves helping people to get rid of the scourges of daily life.

“The clinic is for anyone and everyone who needs our help, and we offer a range of different programmes including one-to-one sessions, help to stop smoking and timeline therapy.”

A former Thai boxing coach, Vinny found that he had a unique skill of isolating boxer’s negative mindsets and helping them to achieve their full potential.

“I decided to go into mind coaching as I could see so many boxers who were so gifted and had plenty of talent, but their mindset held them back,” he continued.

“I have had a few rollercoasters in my own life as well, so I know how hard life can be at the best of times.

“The main thing is that I really enjoy working with members of the public and helping them to take steps to achieve their life goals.”

To discover more about the treatment programmes available, visit vinnyshoreman.com.