NORTHWICH residents have called for action to ensure that a derelict building on Castle Street does not pose a risk to the public.

Concerns over the safety of 8-10 Riverside House were raised during this month’s town council meeting, as it has once again fell back into a state of disrepair.

Windows and doors to the building have previously been boarded up so that passing pedestrians and vehicles were not at risk of falling roof slates or glass.

But residents have now notified the town council that the building has become dangerous again as these wooden boards which covers the window have again started to come away.

After the issue was raised, Witton councillor for both Cheshire West and Chester and Northwich Town Council, Sam Naylor, said: “The building is a long-standing issue in the town and is a blot on the landscape.

“As one of the main gateways into the town, the building creates a very poor impression of Northwich.

“Previously notices to improve the property’s outlook have been issued and complied by the owners and the council will now look at issuing a further notice in the hope that something can be done.”

A similar order was issued by Cheshire West and Chester Council in August lasy year to the co-owner of a dilapidated former nightclub in Winsford.

He has since appeared in court after failing to comply with the order and have been fined £440.

Currently up for sale, 8-10 Riverside House and the land on which it sits is valued at £300,000 by owners Fifield Glyn.