A CAMPAIGNER calling for improved services for homeless people in Northwich glued his hand to a desk in protest today.

Chris Webb had been at Cheshire West and Chester Council's Northwich Information Centre in Weaver Square since 11.30am today, Thursday.

Chris told the Guardian he is dissatisfied with the service offered by forfutures, which works with the council to support homeless people in the borough.

He said: "In Northwich we have appalling service provision through forfutures, who are contracted to provide 24/7 services for Northwich and the surrounding area.

Northwich Guardian:

"What we have been finding as volunteers is they are not providing these services.

"Last night, a case involving a vulnerable woman was passed to them and they, instead of dealing with it, passed it on to Northwich in Need.

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"They are just not providing a service and are not being held to account by CWAC."

Chris' protest ended around 2.45pm, after speaking to CWAC cabinet member Cllr Richard Beacham.

Cllr Beacham said: "I have heard what he is saying and I respect his right to protest.

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"I want to work with volunteers to put together an action plan going forward."

Cllr Beacham will now arrange a meeting with Chris to take place by next Thursday.

Cllr Sam Naylor, CWAC member for Northwich town centre, chairs a board which pools views from various organisations working together to tackle homelessness.

He said: "I was up at Victoria House for an open day to mark World Homelessness Day, talking to a number of residents who were saying the service has turned their lives around.

"I meet regularly with forfutures senior management and the manager at Victoria House, where you have got - at any one time - 30 people who have been homeless and receive support to get them back living in the community.

"What is happening at the moment is we have a perfect storm of a housing crisis at the same time of austerity where services are being cut."

While the service operates between 7am and midnight, Northwich in Need often deal with people left on the streets overnight.

Cllr Naylor said: "I share the concerns because we are coming into winter.

"If we need to look at the contract and if there is any way we can improve the service we offer to people in crisis we need to do that.

"I will be meeting with people over the next week to address shortcomings and any issues."