A WAR memorial smashed into pieces in Delamere is back in its rightful place after being expertly repaired for free.

Residents who discovered the stonework, which stands next to St Peter’s Church, believe it was hit by a car which left in cracked and in three separate pieces.

An appeal was launched on social media asking for information about what happened to the memorial and what could be done to repair it.

And this is where Michael Gilani and the team at Excel Granite and Marble in Winsford stepped in to help.

Northwich Guardian:

The smashed memorial

They offered to restore the war memorial free of charge, because they saw it as the tight thing to do for the community.

“The memorial was erected to remember everyone who died during the Second World War and those people are the reason that we are here today,” said Michael.

“The damage was not too extensive and it did not cost us much to repair, so we were more than happy to do it.”

Northwich Guardian:

The restoration process

The stone memorial was erected in 1947 and honours all those who died during the Second World War.

Residents are currently liaising with Delamere and Oakmere Parish Council with regards to installing a fence around the 72-year-old memorial to prevent the damage from happening again.

Staff at Forest View Inn in Northwich have offered to raise money towards the fence and a collection box has been placed in the pub for donations.