THE charm of a good old-fashioned handwritten letter has landed a 92-year-old Northwich man a new TV.

When Arthur Hawker, who turns 93 next week, wrote to online retailer, he was only hoping for a new remote control for his old set.

But, after the novelty of his handwritten note caught digital-savvy Studio employees' attention, they provided CSI fan Mr Hawker with a new set.

Chris Chalmers, marketing director at, said: “It was lovely to see a handwritten letter come through the post – certainly not something you see every day, anymore.

"When we read Mr Hawker’s letter, we were touched by his politeness and wanted to help with his request.

Northwich Guardian:

Arthur's letter to

"You often forget how far the world has come digitally and the pleasure you get from receiving a hand-written note.”

Mr Hawker had written in to request a new remote for his old 32-inch set, which unfortunately was no longer in stock.

After discovering that a like-for-like replacement would be impossible, the company – formerly catalogue-based Express Gifts – decided to gift him an upgrade.

Mr Hawker said: “I was moved by Studio’s offer. It was a lovely gesture and made me feel valued by the company, which isn’t always the case.

"I love to watch CSI and this television will make sure I can keep watching it for a long time.”

Northwich Guardian:

In response to Mr Hawker’s letter, is also looking into how it can help elderly people in the north west become more digitally savvy.

The company last year embarked upon a rebrand and digital transformation, with more than 95 per cent of new orders now placed online.