A MASTERPLAN for land behind Regent Street in Moulton has been unveiled by Moulton Parish Council.

The council has worked on the proposal over the past 18 months, with the vision including 24 new affordable homes and a car park including 96 spaces for community use.

As featured in the recently-adopted Neighbourhood Plan, the area of Regent Street has fallen into disrepair and is currently home to a series of detached garages.

The plans – which are set to be submitted to the Cheshire West and Chester Council in the near future – feature 18 affordable bungalows backing onto the rear of Meadow Lane, and six affordable houses fronting Whitlow Lane.

Of the 130 proposed parking spaces 34 will be for the new homes – to include electric vehicle charging points. There will also be an administration block built, along with two communal gardens.

A parish council spokesman said: “The scheme meets the objectives as laid out in the Moulton Parish Neighbourhood Plan and the CWAC Local Plan.

“The Moulton Neighbourhood Plan states that infill development is preferred, as opposed to greenfield development.

“This scheme delivers affordable accommodation at the centre of our community, with a low-level skyline where it backs onto existing properties.”

The council added that benefits of the scheme included regeneration of unkempt land at the centre of the village, and the construction of a village car park offering more space and better design.

The parish building would also become a community asset, along with community gardens and EV charging – essential amid government proposals to move to a greater reliance on electric vehicles.

It is believed that residents will have the chance to suggest a name for the new street once plans are submitted.

This scheme is subject to approval from the planning authority at Cheshire West and Chester Council.