SUPER costumes and iconic props made for another Northwich Comic Con event on Saturday.

The event returned to Northwich Memorial Court on Saturday, October 5 complete with merch stalls, VR gaming and actors from Game of Thrones, Star Wars and Harry Potter.

As promised, there was something for everyone – with props including everything from Boo's 'Monsters Inc' door to the iconic 'Don't Dead, Open Inside' doors from The Walking Dead.

Organiser Steve Howard said: "All in all, it went well. We had a few problems – we had booked the Batpod but it couldn’t come in the end.

"Unfortunately things like that happen, but pretty much everyone seemed to be very happy with the day."

Slime sessions and gaming sessions were a hit with adults and children alike.

"Let’s just say a lot of the dads were having a go," said Steve.

"People enjoyed the stalls as always and we had plenty of variety, which you don’t always get at these kind of events."

As well as posing on the Iron Throne or with a Star Wars garrison, visitors were able to meet actors from their favourite franchises.

Brian Wheeler was an Ewok and a Jawa in the original Star Wars trilogy, as well as a Gringotts goblin in the Harry Potter series, while Annette Hannah was one of Varys' notorious 'Little Birds' in Game of Thrones.

Steve said: "We are always looking to bring in new things and introduce different props.

"Hopefully people will keep supporting us and that way we can keep bringing it back.

"We enjoy the venue and we always see some great cosplay.

One young lad who entered the competition said he had spent 200 hours 3D printing his sword.

"Whether you’ve made it yourself or bought it off the rack, we love to see it and it’s all part of the fun."

Future events at Northwich Memorial Court include a celebration of all things Harry Potter on November 23, and the return of Northwich Comic Con in April 2020.