RESIDENTS have voiced their opposition to plans to build 16 apartments on land within a roundabout on Leicester Street.

Originally proposals to build the complex, which will be between two and four storeys, were submitted to Cheshire West and Chester Council in 2017, but have since been revised with design changes and a fresh layout.

The proposed site is located between Megabet and the parking spaces on the new roundabout and is seen as one of the ‘gateways’ into the town centre.

But residents have slammed the development when the proposals were revealed and believe the land could be put to much better use.

One resident branded the plans ‘ridiculous’, adding: “Northwich does not need any more housing in a stupid place like this.”

Another said: “What a wonderful place to live - inside a roundabout with traffic lights and less than a mile from three of the largest and most polluting incinerators mankind has ever inflicted on the planet.”

Other residents highlighted the fact that the land could be the perfect place for some green landscaping.

“This nice plot should have been planted with trees and wild-flowers as a sanctuary for animals, birds and insects and it could be a source of oxygen and fresh air for the town,” commented one resident.

Another added: “This is an appalling application from every point of view and, as others have suggested, some attractive planting would be a far better solution.”

Sam Naylor, Witton councillor for both Cheshire West and Chester and Northwich Town Council, believes the apartments must be ‘pleasing on the eye’ to be approved by planning chiefs.

“My view as councillor for the town centre and as someone who is concerned with the regeneration of our town and putting it on the map is that it the building has to be aesthetically pleasing,” he said.

“The site is a gateway to our town and so it has to be pleasing on the eye and attractive to people who are visiting.

“This is particularly the case for those visiting Northwich for the first time to see our many great attractions.

“I understand there is a big need for housing and we do have a housing crisis in this country, but to get permission, the designs must be in-keeping with the area.”

A planning statement for the development submitted in 2017 read: “The proposed one and two-bedroom apartments should enhance the choice of housing in the community.

“Internet research of the Northwich housing market in early 2017 has shown the market is dominated by terraced houses and large apartments of three or more bedrooms.

“The site is now derelict and doesn’t utilise its full potential, therefore the applicant wants to use the site for residential as a more viable alternative.”

While similar plans were approved in 2011, the permission lapsed and the recent attempts reflect wholesale changes made to the roundabout’s design.

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