A NEW purpose-built rehab centre in Cuddington will offer help to ‘burned-out’ staff when it opens later this year.

‘Delamere’, as the facility will be known, will run the support programs for employees alongside its other treatments for those suffering from alcohol and substance abuse.

The £7 million centre will be the first of its kind in the UK upon opening and will provide residents with 24-hour medical supervision.

And offering rehabilitation to overworked employees will be yet another service available from their expert staffing team.

Speaking about the treatments, Professor Sir Cary Cooper, an expert on wellness and member of the centre’s advisory board, said: “There has never been more pressure in the workplace, with new technology leaving employees feeling the need to be always on.

“What’s fundamental about the Delamere model is that it allows people to unwrap what the original source and driver of their stress is and develop tools to cope.

“For employers, helping and retaining a valuable staff member is often more cost effective than recruiting and developing someone new, so if you want to get the most out of people, you have to nurture them, protect them and support them.”

Northwich Guardian:

Sir Cary Cooper​

Research has shown that one in four people suffer from stress, depression or anxiety at some stage in their life, which according to the Health and Safety Executive accounted to 57 percent of all sickness absence last year.

This is something that Delamere founder and recovering cocaine and alcohol addict Martin Preston has seen after setting up addiction advice line and rehab referral service Port of Call in 2015.

“There are a huge number of people in work who are hiding or struggling with addictive behaviour and their contribution is extremely valuable to their employers,” he added.

“For a relatively modest investment, employers can support employees in tackling their issues and give them the opportunity to be back on top form again.

“Through Port of Call, we’ve seen a demand for a quality service for employers to turn to when these situations arise as they understand the value of investing in and supporting their staff.”

Due to open towards the end of the year, Delamere will offer treatment from £3,500 per week and can accommodate 27 guests at one time.

For more information about the services on offer, visit www.delamere.com.