ECO-ACTIVISTS have pledged to support a mass protest in London next month as part of a global action to save the planet.

Extinction Rebellion Cheshire plan to join the next fortnight of major demonstrations which start on Monday, October 7 to press the government to take urgent action to tackle climate change.

Protestors plan to shut down all roads into Westminster and non violently disrupt the government by targeting corporations, ministries and infrastructure.

They also plan to support an international school strike for the climate on Friday, September 20.

Hundreds of people have joined XRCheshire since it was founded in April.

Winsford GP Dr Kathy Fallon, who took part in the last XR protest in London, is urging people to take action.

The mum-of-two said: "The devastation caused recently in the Bahamas by Hurricane Dorian is an example of the type of weather related catastrophe we can expect to see more and more frequently in the next few decades, due to the continued unchecked rise in CO2 levels and associated rising temperatures.

"Warmer oceans slowed down the passage of the hurricane allowing it to be so powerfully destructive. Sadly, the rainforest of the Amazon remains ablaze due to the disregard for international climate policy agreements by the Brazilian government and fuelled by Western demands for cheap meat and other forest products.

"Climate change is no longer something to be avoided in the future - it is happening right now.

"We cannot afford to let Brexit and possible further referenda or elections get in the way of addressing what is a much greater threat to us all."

A demonstration in London at Easter saw more than 1,000 protestors arrested. A further protest brought blocked roads in Manchester last month.

Northwich Guardian:

Extinction Rebellion protestors blocked roads across London earlier this year

"The object of these demonstrations is to raise public awareness of the climate crisis and to put pressure on government to the necessary action," said Dr Fallon.

"We face a future of devastating floods, droughts, crop failures, starvation, mass migration and the breakdown of society. This could all happen during the remainder of this century.

"Since June 2018 our government has only delivered one out of 25 critical policies needed to get emissions back on track. XR is not anti-government - we need government to make changes happen."

Northwich Guardian:

XRCheshire raised awareness of climate change at a stall in Winsford Town Park

XR Cheshire holds regular meetings in Winsford and continues to work with Cheshire West and Chester and local town councils to promote local action to decarbonise.

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"CWAC now has a climate emergency taskforce," said Dr Fallon. "XR Cheshire is also working with local health service clinical commissioning groups to tackle carbon emissions in the health sector, as the changing climate will have major health impacts on us all such as pollution, respiratory disease, tropical diseases, malnutrition, starvation and heat related deaths."

To contact XRCheshire email and find them facebook, twitter and instagram

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