DEVELOPERS are looking to add an extra house to approved plans off an A533 roundabout.

Despite the outstanding permission for four new homes in St George’s Way – opposite Monarch Drive – new plans have now been submitted for a fifth.

The plans, lodged with Cheshire West and Chester Council, cite a new topographical survey as the reason for the fifth home, with the others now able to be repositioned to make more space.

Formerly part of Leftwich Farm, the land has seen brick barns demolished.

A planning statement said: “The four original plots remain generally as per the previous approval although, primarily due to the inconsistencies between the original site plan and commissioned a topographical survey, the plots have been reorganised.

“The proposals seek an additional house, generally on the footprint of the previous structures on site. The addition of this creates a courtyard-type appearance and reflects the essence of the original site function.”