By Mhari Oakes

AROUND 1,000 people attended St Vincent's Church in Knutsford on Friday to celebrate the life of Lucas Briscoe, who died in a tragic accident while on holiday in Spain.

Mum and dad Nicola Marshall and Gary Briscoe shared the ‘immeasurable’ love and joy their son brought into their lives.

Expressing their overwhelming thanks for everyone who attended the funeral to help support them through this devastating time, Nicola said: “I’m totally blown away by all the love I feel, not only for Lucas but for all of us.

“Thank you all so much, I am so grateful and humbled by all of this. Please don’t pity me or feel sorry for me, as because of Lucas I now know what it feels like to love, and be loved.

"Lucas is the love of my life; and always will be.

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“He taught me so much about myself and other people, and the past 13 years have been filled with so much love, laughter and happiness.

“If you see me in town or just walking about don’t be shy - please come over and hug me, talk to me and keep sharing all the beautiful, funny, crazy stories about Lucas.

Northwich Guardian:

Lucas with his mum Nicola on holiday in Spain

“Angels walk alongside us on this earth, but we often don’t realise until they leave us. Their absence helps us to understand that they led their lives in such a special way. They show us how we should live our lives.

“Our mantra has always been ‘share and care’. Lucas was the first to gives hugs when greeting you and to say I love you.

"He was the first to ask a child sat alone to join in, the first to celebrate the success of others and give support when needed.

"So, if there is one thing I hope my angel has taught us all – it’s that. Live life in real time and not via a screen. To say I love you and mean it. To be kind. To be present.”

Lucas died in a tragic accident after falling from a balcony while on holiday in Spain.

A Just Giving page has been set up in Lucas’s memory, and donations have come flooding in over the weekend, with more than £13,000 raised.

At the funeral, Nicola added: “Lucas loved with zest and lived life to the fullest. He was kind, selfless, confident, talented, funny, thoughtful, giving and so many other things.

“He was a showman with a presence like no other, and he knew how to play to a crowd.

“Now I’m not saying he loved the applause, but he certainly didn’t shy away from it. So I ask that you all join me in standing and give one last standing ovation to my beautiful boy.”

St Nicholas Catholic High School choir, Knutsford Rugby Team and children from St Vincent's Primary School in Knutsford packed into the church dressed in their kits and uniform to honour their special friend.

Cameron Oakes, aged 12, a friend of Lucas’s from St Nicholas High School, said: “I just wish I could give him one last hug and tell him how much we loved him. He looked after everyone. He was such a good person. We are devastated.

"But hearing his mum and dad talk together about all their memories was amazing, we all know that his spirit and kindness will live on in all of us. He taught us all so much.”

To donate to Lucas’s charity, visit