A FAMOUS Northwich clock is ticking again, helping keep train passengers on time.

The J.B. Joyce timepiece at Northwich Railway Station has been stopped at 11.22 for almost four years – prompting the Mid Cheshire Rail Users Association and the 8E Association to launch a campaign for its repair in January.

Refurbished in 2006, the clock features on old photos of Northwich and is a well-known Mid Cheshire Line landmark. – designed by the same company as the Eastgate Clock in Chester.

Mike Lenz is chairman of the 8E Association, which meets at the Gladstone Club in Northwich every month.

He said: “We have just kicked off our new season of railway meetings and events for 2019-20 so I am sure all our members will be thrilled that this campaign has got the clock ticking again.

Northwich Guardian:

“The clock is the face of Northwich station on many enthusiast and heritage photographs so the clock showing the right time will be appreciated by people far and wide.”

John Hulme, MCRUA vice chairman, said: “It is great that passengers can now check the times of their trains with this historic and notable timepiece. MCRUA would like to thank Northern and Network Rail for their joint initiative in getting Northwich station’s clock working again.

“We are particularly grateful to Becky Styles, our Regional Community and Sustainability Manager at Northern, who managed this project through to a successful conclusion.”

The anti-vandal restoration of the Joyce Whitchurch antique clock coincided with station building work 14 years ago, costing £11,000 and unveiled by late Alderman and town councillor Ron Carey BEM.

Town mayor, Cllr Kevin Rimmer, said: “Northwich Town Council takes a keen interest in the railway station as it where many visitors get their first and last impressions of our town.

“Ron would have been very proud of the success of this campaign.”

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