NORTHWICH Leg Club has celebrated its first anniversary with a visit from the mayor.

The weekly sessions offer clinical treatment to those suffering from leg ulcers.

Alongside treatment and dressing at The Lighthouse in Weaverham, attendees enjoy social activities.

Norma Broadhurst, who started the club last September, said: “Many elderly people suffer with circulatory problems resulting in leg ulcers.

“Historically, the treatment for these has been weekly attendance at the clinic for dressings, or for those unable to attend, a district nurse would visit their homes.

“Because of reduced mobility, many of these patients became house bound and socially isolated from the community.

“Some years ago, a very forward thinking nurse called Ellie Lindsay felt that something had to change in order to help these patients.

“She started by changing the point of treatment from the surgery, to a social club, community centre or church hall, where people could come along and have their treatment alongside an afternoon of social activities, refreshments and social interaction with others.”

Sessions are be run by volunteers, with more always welcome. Contact Norma Broadhurst on 01606 74051.