I WAS called out to look at rescue dog Jenny today whose new owner was struggling to settle her in her new home.

This nervous little dog had been pampered, petted and carried around all her life.

She suffered all kinds of anxieties and fixations that were driving her and her new owner to distraction.

She slept on the bed, sofa and chairs and had no boundaries or rules whatsoever.

Contrary to popular opinion this is not kindness but a sure way to create an unstable, insecure dog. All dogs want to be part of a strong pack and a pack cannot exist without rules boundaries and limitations.

A leader demonstrates his love for pack members by fulfilling their needs.

When we over-indulge our dogs it’s not for their benefit it’s for ours. We are fulfilling our needs at their expense.

Little Jenny’s nervous aggressive behaviour became too much for her original owner and was proving equally difficult for her adoptive owner. The complete lack of structure had created an unbalanced dog no one could handle.

With the help of Cobra my steady Lab I was able to demonstrate just how good Jenny can be with a lifestyle focused on her needs for education, constructive exercise and discipline.

We now have a plan, which includes daily walks, play, training and consistency. She sleeps in her own bed in the kitchen and is no longer permitted on chairs and sofas.

Jenny will be meeting lots of trained dogs at class to recondition her aggressive response to others. When the water is suitable she can join our swimming class where she will finally experience the joy of being a dog.

We won’t fret about the past we shall move forward with confidence.

If you struggle to commit to a weekly class we have a Two-Day Master Class on the weekend September 28/29 where we will cover an entire eight week training programme in two days. You can enrol on my website vicbarlow.com or text me direct on 07590560012.

Where there’s a will there is always a way to train your dog.