THE Hartford Civic Society have announced that their second trip of the year will be to visit a thirteenth century manor house.

A strong community group and registered charity, the society aim to improve the village and to help protect its identity, but also provide fun excursions and days out.

And the society’s latest trip will be to visit Baddesley Clinton, which is a medieval moated manor house in the Forest of Arden near Birmingham.

The Grade I listed house was built when large areas of the Forest of Arden were cleared for farmland and the site is a scheduled ancient monument.

Volunteer guides will be available in most rooms to explain the manor’s many fantastic stories and features, and the property also boasts a lake, walled garden and a nature trail.

The trip will commence on Wednesday, October 2, and thanks to a goodwill gesture from the National Trust, society members will be given free entrance.

This leaves just the coach to pay for at £16.50 per person.

Non-members of the society are welcome to sign on to the trip but will need to pay the entrance charge of £11 or join the society for £7.

Full details about the trip can be found at, and bookings can be made via