MID Cheshire Methodist Circuit, who oversee 17 churches in the county, have posted healthy accounts despite the closure of two churches in Northwich.

New figures detailing the financial year from August 2017 to August 2018 show that the circuit made £932,961 before expenditure.

This is mainly made up of £696,239 from donations and legacies, £2,500 from grants and £8,374 from other charitable incomes.

The main expenditure came in the form of clergy salaries, which amounted to £159,339.

In total, the circuit posted a profit of just over £700,000 during the financial year.

This was no doubt helped by the decision to close Methodist Churches in Cuddington and Acton Bridge during this period.

In the report, Mid Cheshire Methodist Circuit say: “This may have an effect on the income of the circuit in the future, and the costs of the circuit will have to spread over fewer churches.

“The loss of one member of staff has reduced the costs of running the circuit, but has meant that the remaining ministers have had to take on a much greater workload.”