THE 1874 COLUMN: A different perspective, by Matt Waters

ACROSS non-league football, every club has that one person who is the glue that holds it all together in difficult periods.

They are always the person that finds the positive and helps the club strive to be the best it can be on and off the pitch.

At 1874 we have many fantastic and superb volunteers, but I’m sure everyone can agree within our football family, it’s Vicki England who really stands for everything that 1874 is about.

“I’ve been the football secretary since 1874 was born,” she said.

“I saw the momentum grow so much in people in 2012, and I just knew that it was the way forward.

“It was our fantastic late chairman, Paul Stockton, who asked me to consider playing a part in the running of the club, specifically this role.

“I didn’t know that much about football admin but I was adamant that a club should be in the hands of people who care the most and could be trusted with it, so I said yes!”

Since our inception in 2012, it has been a learning curve for everybody.

In Vicki’s case, it varies from dealing with internal club matters to speaking with representatives of other clubs on a daily basis.

“It is a very challenging role, and I am still learning,” she said.

“It takes up a lot of hours every week, like most roles at non-league clubs do. I have to fit it in around my full-time job and also looking after my family.

“I can be found on my laptop until the early hours, catching up with all manner of tasks. I don’t think I have had a full night’s sleep since ‘74 has been going!”

Vicki revealed one of the pressures in her job and the burden it carries.

“As football secretary, I have to make sure that we follow many rules.

“It’s a big burden to carry, knowing that getting something wrong could cost valuable points or elimination from a competition.

“But come 3pm on a Saturday I’m like everyone else. I put on my green and black shirt shouting the lads on, jumping up and down like a mad woman when they score.”

But ultimately every Saturday comes down to our ‘football family’ explained Vicki.

“1874 is a very special, community club,” she said.

“I talk a lot about ‘74 family’ and that is exactly how it is.

“I stand with people who have given decades worth of support locally and seeing how enthusiastic they are.

“It is also great that many newer supporters have come on board, they have recognised that it is run correctly and want to be associated with it.

“I am massively proud of what we have all achieved and yes I love this club and everything it stands for.”

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